Morning all.

We are now 8 weeks out from the PCA north east. My goal weight is 195-197lb which is the lightest I have been in a very long time for the classic class.

Pics attached are from last week and at 9 weeks out with a weight of 213lb.

Todays weight is 210.5lb and all 3 bodyfat measurements are down. I only monitor my problem/fatter areas – Abdominal, subscap and illiac crest currently.

Cardio is at 45 mins daily fasted bar leg day and on Thursday and Sundays I fast till 11-12 and do a second cardio session of 30 minutes. This is not changing this week.

Adjustments to diet is a reduction from 2800kcal down to 2700kcal and carbs from 275 to 250g. Protein is still high at 360-370g and fats low at sub 40g. This is the highest I have had my protein during prep and is working very well.

Fat burners are a little bit of thyroid support in the form of a t3/t4 mix and I am just using OTC fat burners that I have posted on my Instagram so check that out.

There is a change this week in my other supplement use that should see me drop a fair bit of water as certain products are switched out.

No pictures this week as im to lazy to de hair every week lol. I go to Krakow on stag do next Friday for 3 nights which is far from ideal but this is the reason I started prep 18 weeks out instead of 16 weeks as usual.

Check in will be next Friday but I will update this at 6 weeks out and check my Instagram HILLYDOC for continues updates from myself and clients.

It takes time, perseverance and consistency to find out what works with your body and what doesn’t. Whatever your goal maybe, whether it’s to be summer holiday ready, the desire to compete or even just to loose a little weight, I know my trust would be right here with Peter. 
I’m not the perfect client to say the least, I fail I get back up and I try again. (Several times) 🙈 I know I’m probably a headache at times, but guaranteed peter is there ready with solutions and wise words that instantly click the motivation right back there again.
It’s 2018 and the idea of working towards getting up on that stage is set well in my mind once again, there isn’t anybody else a would want to guide me there! so here goes! Peter it’s game face on!! 
‘ the one who falls and gets back up, is always stronger than the one who never fell’

Working with Peter came naturally not only with him being such a close friend but also his ability to be 100% professional throughout; being able to put our friendship aside and assert his knowledge, experience and pure honesty to carve out outstanding, unimaginable results.
Peter has a gift of being able to know someone’s body better than they know it themselves, with me Peter new exactly what weight I was going to drop with the key alterations to diet and cardio which he prescribed on a weekly basis. The confidence this gives you is priceless especially when your low on energy / concentration which all competitors go through towards comp time.
Peter educated me in all aspects of training opening my eyes to the importance of nutrition, specific weight training techniques and timing of cardio.

My story is simple on paper but the hard work and dedication from both parties especially Peters and his unbelievable fountain of knowledge is the part people don’t see; Peter took me from a lean footballers frame to my first show sitting at 15st 9lb where we achieved 2nd in the inter over 90kg UKBFF Class with a finals invite. Following this and a year out Peter pushed my offseason weight to around 21st in condition I never though possible at that weight. Moving onto my second season of competing Peter took me down to 17st sub 4%BF winning the NABBA North Mr Class 1 and attending the NABBA British Finals just missing out on a top 6 place. We also won the UKBFF North Heavyweight class at Houghton le Spring receiving another Finals invite.

I can’t thank Peter enough non of the above would have been possible without him.

One thing I do want to end this script with is, yes it is hard work “dieting” but with Peter the hurt and hard work is minimised due to his understanding, experience and knowledge. Don’t go through what you don’t have to to get what you want using substandard coaches go to the best and get the best!! He’s not called the Doc for no reason!!!!