3 weeks out of PCA North East Classic class

So check in Saturday morning and weight was 202.5lb.  Nice 3 lb drop this week and close to my target which is 196/198lb.

I brought in Clenbuterol this past week which i havnt used for the whole prep due to its dehydration/cramping effects and the fact i have 2 slipped discs and 10% of my left pec left attached means if i want to keep pushing my training really hard like i do i have to avoid these drying out supplements and others until the last 3/4 weeks.

Cardio is 50 mins in the AM and from 4 weeks out i have been doing 15 mins pwo all days but legs.  Rest days are still double cardio days which was an additional 30 mins but as of this week is now 40 mins.  Pwo cardio also to 20 minutes now.


Food as been 2300-2400kcal train days looking like 330p/200c/25-30f and rest days 2100kcal with a drop coming from carbs.  I am also still fasting till 11/12 lunch time on rest days.

From 3 weeks out this is now 2250kcal and 2000kcal rest days with reductions from carbs so train days are around 160-170g carbs.  Really time to force these last bits of stubborn fat off.

Supps in terms of hormone boosters nothing has changed and my base oils have been the same all the way through utilising long acting supplements.  I have now this week brought in a particular supp that dries you out at 40mg per day.

My thyroid supps that i take to keep me in normal range as you can see from my bloods up until 4 weeks out were 37.5mcg but this has now gone to 50mcg for the next 2 weeks before dropping back down.

This Saturday i did a high day which ended upo being 900g carbs with a water taper.  The result was a 1.5lb gain in weight but much fuller.  Pictures can be seen on my instagram,

This week just grinding it out and then im down to stay with Jordan and Corinne this week as there 2 of my very very good friends so i try and stay/train with them every couple of months and i couldnt ask for 2 better pairs of eyes to tell me how close or far i am off.

Lastly Training – at this stage i keep my log book but i dont right any new sessions up as i am not looking to over reach and push into new territory in terms of reps or weight.  I am purely looking to maintain form/intensity and strength these last 3 weeks while energy levels, BF levels are low and body is becoming dryer there is an increase risk in injury and its here we must be clever and control our ego as i am stll hitting PB’s.

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