5 Weeks out from PCA Finals and new Training Programme i have been working on FOURS

So a very short update as ive been so busy with clients etc and my work with the NHS i just havnt had chance to be as updated on my own prep as i would of like both on here and Instagram.

Body weight was 202lb this weekend at 5 weeks out so leaner at this stage than last time.  Dealing with issues around my slipped discs but im managing and running  a slightly different approach with my supplements and diet.

The diet is now 100% clean including refeeds so nothing fried or processed.  Only thing i have additional is sushi and a protein bar Redcon MRE pre bed on my high day Sat.

I have been utilising my new training system/approach gimmick/bullshit however you want to look at it but im enjoying it and it seems to be having a good effect.  Its lower volume not low low, high intensity as per my usual training with an additional method that looks at hitting sarcoplasmic hypertrophy as well as myofibrellar hypertrophy. 

Now usually to achieve this well known coaches (Milos is a great example) utilise several pieces of equipment to achieve this however its just not possible in a NORMAL gym environment usually so i have been working hard to come up with a way of stressing the muscle to a similar degree on just one piece of KIT and this is were my FOURS approach comes in.

its basically – 4 sets of 4 reps done one after the other on the same kit.  However the reps are as follows.

4 reps with a 4 second concentric

4 reps with a 4 second eccentric

4 normal controlled reps

4 partials

So we are looking at increased blood flow, metabolic rate, time under tension and muscular damage all key components of Sarcoplasmic growth.  This is worked within the program that also includes normal heavy work to failure.

I am then looking at how effective this is in both lower and medium volume sessions rotated week to week.  SO far ive had immensely good feedback from clients and i have utilised it for the whole duration of this prep so we shall see if it has enhanced my physique in a short period of time.  I will then be pushing this through my off season and into another prep next year. 

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