8 weeks out PCA North East classic class

Morning all.

We are now 8 weeks out from the PCA north east. My goal weight is 195-197lb which is the lightest I have been in a very long time for the classic class.

Pics attached are from last week and at 9 weeks out with a weight of 213lb.

Todays weight is 210.5lb and all 3 bodyfat measurements are down. I only monitor my problem/fatter areas – Abdominal, subscap and illiac crest currently.

Cardio is at 45 mins daily fasted bar leg day and on Thursday and Sundays I fast till 11-12 and do a second cardio session of 30 minutes. This is not changing this week.

Adjustments to diet is a reduction from 2800kcal down to 2700kcal and carbs from 275 to 250g. Protein is still high at 360-370g and fats low at sub 40g. This is the highest I have had my protein during prep and is working very well.

Fat burners are a little bit of thyroid support in the form of a t3/t4 mix and I am just using OTC fat burners that I have posted on my Instagram so check that out.

There is a change this week in my other supplement use that should see me drop a fair bit of water as certain products are switched out.

No pictures this week as im to lazy to de hair every week lol. I go to Krakow on stag do next Friday for 3 nights which is far from ideal but this is the reason I started prep 18 weeks out instead of 16 weeks as usual.

Check in will be next Friday but I will update this at 6 weeks out and check my Instagram HILLYDOC for continues updates from myself and clients.

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