So first things first the prep was a huge success, every new thing I tried worked fantastic and I am already implementing things with current clients.  I would never normally advise any one to just prep for 10 weeks but due to holidays and weddings I really had no choice.

Fact is going in hard from the start didn’t affect my physique in any negative way and I actually grew through this prep which I believe is down to my new 4’s Training Programme that I will be doing a separate post on and will likely be available for sale on the site soon.

Things that I learnt:

Keeping consumption of junk food and processed food to basically 0 allows you to get in shape faster (while still utilising very high carb days) and also seems to allow for more abdominal/viscal fat to be burnt as my waste came in smaller than ever.

Going in hard with SS cardio has no impact on legs if training is set up correctly and doing more cardio allows you to eat more and grow.  Utilising the stairs PWO for cardio definitely brought in some deeper cuts to my legs

Keeping estro lower through proper supplementation use for the duration allows one to get lean quicker.

There is no Need to overdo an Ai leading into the show.

Proper adjustments to training volume and programing as you come into the show can have a huge impact on the muscle you keep and the look your physique keeps.


Only 1 I can think of and it’s a major one is that for myself personally I can’t much show day due to my GIT issues so I need to make sure I wake full to the brim and dry which as you can see from the pics below I did.  However the mistake I made is taking a little diuretic show day and I mean little but this flushed to much water out and as I am unable to eat to balance this out results in me looking flatter on stage.  For anyone else this way forward works great as allows you to eat and add water and fill/dry at the same time but for me I just got flat and then when I put some sushi in I managed to start filling up but then was a little distended.  Main signs of this flatness is in my abs from the morning shots to stage shots and my glutes.


So as you can see from the below pictures huge changes in 10 weeks, much improved on my last outing and my new training methodology is yielding fantastic results with both myself and clients.


Plans going forward:

See my next blog post coming over the next few days covering how I am rebounding from the show with great success due to my specific detox protocol I run immediately after and how I intend to approach this rebound over the next 6-8 weeks to really push the boundaries and grow while staying as lean as possible

So keep a close eye out on my Instagram and this Blog section as I am pushing the limits like never before in terms of training, overall dedication, nutrition and supplements.  This is the most focused I have ever been on improving my own physique and is the first time ive had an off season in over 5 years.  Big things to come……………..

Attached are pictures from the morning of the show and also the full layout of my Peak week is below which is very rare for people to post and lay it all out.  Obviously the supplement as been removed.

Day Weight supplements Water Diet Changes Notes
Sunday Am 197 post 600g load

looked good , ate all ground sat sat perfect

Pre Bed 200gcooked


dissolve vit c x 4

Protein 325/carbs 75/fats 50

0 carb all day then 80 pre bed

ended up eating 150g rice crispies during night plus sultanas – 180g carbs – very gasy next day poss from sultanas

Train quads

cardio 30 mins AM

Monday Am – after extra food still 197 but look 100% better – still a little watery and legs smooth but look great

Pre Bed


dissolve vit c x 4

Protein 325/carbs 75/fats 50 Train back

cardio 30 mins AM plus 20 mins posing

very gasy from extra food so no dried fruit this week

Tuesday Am 195

Pre Bed 199

had line coke and this stemmed apetite and helped bowel movement


4g vitamin c

Protein 325/carbs 75/fats 50 Train shoulders/chest

Cardio 30 mins AM

was a little gasy today poss egg whites or rice cakes

slept good

Wednesday Am 193.5 all time low

Pre Bed


4g vitamin c

Protein 325/carbs 75/fats 50 Train arms

Cardio 30 mins AM

Thursday Am

Pre Bed


4g vitamin c

Protein 275, carbs 7-800, fats 50-60 AM – full body light pump pre meal 1
Friday Am

Pre Bed


4g vitamin c

Protein 275, carbs 600, fats 50-60 Full body light fasted workout very very light a
aturday pre show Am

Water cut

Pre Bed

  7l up to meal and then glass wine/wsky

4g vitamin c


Dependant on morning weight protein, very low to 0 carbs and higher fats from oils today.

Pre bed – depepndant on weight and look – fish and ground rice etc

Rest, rest, rest
Sunday Am

Pre Bed

  250ml with meals

duretic if needed – used and shouldnt have

Very little show day maybe just ground rice meal 1 and a little fish.

Fish during day

pre stage rice crispy bar or 2.

jam and rice cakes on hand nothing else so no temptation


So a very short update as ive been so busy with clients etc and my work with the NHS i just havnt had chance to be as updated on my own prep as i would of like both on here and Instagram.

Body weight was 202lb this weekend at 5 weeks out so leaner at this stage than last time.  Dealing with issues around my slipped discs but im managing and running  a slightly different approach with my supplements and diet.

The diet is now 100% clean including refeeds so nothing fried or processed.  Only thing i have additional is sushi and a protein bar Redcon MRE pre bed on my high day Sat.

I have been utilising my new training system/approach gimmick/bullshit however you want to look at it but im enjoying it and it seems to be having a good effect.  Its lower volume not low low, high intensity as per my usual training with an additional method that looks at hitting sarcoplasmic hypertrophy as well as myofibrellar hypertrophy. 

Now usually to achieve this well known coaches (Milos is a great example) utilise several pieces of equipment to achieve this however its just not possible in a NORMAL gym environment usually so i have been working hard to come up with a way of stressing the muscle to a similar degree on just one piece of KIT and this is were my FOURS approach comes in.

its basically – 4 sets of 4 reps done one after the other on the same kit.  However the reps are as follows.

4 reps with a 4 second concentric

4 reps with a 4 second eccentric

4 normal controlled reps

4 partials

So we are looking at increased blood flow, metabolic rate, time under tension and muscular damage all key components of Sarcoplasmic growth.  This is worked within the program that also includes normal heavy work to failure.

I am then looking at how effective this is in both lower and medium volume sessions rotated week to week.  SO far ive had immensely good feedback from clients and i have utilised it for the whole duration of this prep so we shall see if it has enhanced my physique in a short period of time.  I will then be pushing this through my off season and into another prep next year. 

Soooooo result was 4th place and invite to finals. 

I’m very pleased with this as bodyfat could not of been Lower n I was dry as a bone as pics show. 

Gaz came second and was twice as conditioned as winner just not big enough invite to finals. 

Bens first ever showing and he looked unreal. Didn’t place but was potentially in best condition in class n his transformation this prep as can be seen is unreal. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t been the one controlling it. 

Feedback for myself I look more like a MR than classic for PCA criteria and was beaten by guys just smaller with smaller structures. 

Error and things to change next time –

I was so focused on keeping weight down n being dry for classic I only loaded one day then dried out the Friday. I then looked soft through the glutes n Hams. This was caused by lack of glycogen n pressure in the muscle. So next time 2 day load then dry. 

Going forward – my intention was to do the 2bro show in October and there classic criteria seems to approve bigger more muscular classic look so I will prep for this with room to fill out and be bigger.  

I will also do pca finals which I think is after this and may blow up n try n expand as much as possible n do the MR class just for experimentation n fun. 

Plans currently. 

First time ever I am not training for 2 weeks or going to try my best not to. Just cardio n chill. I have a photo shoot today , wedding Saturday and then Spain for ten days were I will be fully focused on enjoying myself with my GF. 

On holiday now so after I get back I will of done 3 weeks chill – hcg , clomid and OTC PCT tabs that I used before n are making me horny as lol. 

Then I’m going to run a solid 4 week mini blast.  Tapering carbs up each week 





Protein at 300-325. Cardio 5 days of 30

Hitting a body part once per week same routine as last prep but Saturday is a high volume giant set day of things I want to bring up – delts – hams – glutes – calf’s n a high carb day 

Then I’m ibiza 4 days. Come back with 3 days to recover n thrn im 10 weeks out 2bro classic were they prefer you bigger n 11 weeks out pca final were I’ll do MR class

Aim now is to heal/recover then lay on a lil tissue n then straight into prep again 

Below is some comparison pictures of me and 1st place and second place.  Both very good physiques and much more classic looking in the sense of smaller overall, tiny waists and not as vascular etc.  Not much i can change and hence moving to Mr in PCA

So check in Saturday morning and weight was 202.5lb.  Nice 3 lb drop this week and close to my target which is 196/198lb.

I brought in Clenbuterol this past week which i havnt used for the whole prep due to its dehydration/cramping effects and the fact i have 2 slipped discs and 10% of my left pec left attached means if i want to keep pushing my training really hard like i do i have to avoid these drying out supplements and others until the last 3/4 weeks.

Cardio is 50 mins in the AM and from 4 weeks out i have been doing 15 mins pwo all days but legs.  Rest days are still double cardio days which was an additional 30 mins but as of this week is now 40 mins.  Pwo cardio also to 20 minutes now.


Food as been 2300-2400kcal train days looking like 330p/200c/25-30f and rest days 2100kcal with a drop coming from carbs.  I am also still fasting till 11/12 lunch time on rest days.

From 3 weeks out this is now 2250kcal and 2000kcal rest days with reductions from carbs so train days are around 160-170g carbs.  Really time to force these last bits of stubborn fat off.

Supps in terms of hormone boosters nothing has changed and my base oils have been the same all the way through utilising long acting supplements.  I have now this week brought in a particular supp that dries you out at 40mg per day.

My thyroid supps that i take to keep me in normal range as you can see from my bloods up until 4 weeks out were 37.5mcg but this has now gone to 50mcg for the next 2 weeks before dropping back down.

This Saturday i did a high day which ended upo being 900g carbs with a water taper.  The result was a 1.5lb gain in weight but much fuller.  Pictures can be seen on my instagram,

This week just grinding it out and then im down to stay with Jordan and Corinne this week as there 2 of my very very good friends so i try and stay/train with them every couple of months and i couldnt ask for 2 better pairs of eyes to tell me how close or far i am off.

Lastly Training – at this stage i keep my log book but i dont right any new sessions up as i am not looking to over reach and push into new territory in terms of reps or weight.  I am purely looking to maintain form/intensity and strength these last 3 weeks while energy levels, BF levels are low and body is becoming dryer there is an increase risk in injury and its here we must be clever and control our ego as i am stll hitting PB’s.

So below is an exact copy of how my update looks and changes to be made from my own personal notes.  This is how i work with each client and i keep these and write them up weekly for each client including myself.

The main picture is from 7 week out but this update is from the weekend just gone which is 6 weeks out.

Also below is my full blood work done at 7-8 weeks out and 10 weeks into cycle.  Here apart from the obvious marker that going to be raised such as CK etc all my other markers are pretty dam fantastic if you ask me.  It lets me know i can go a little higher with my thyroid hormones (i have a naturally under active thyroid tested by blood work years ago) and it shows i need to reduce my estrogen/supps as even on 0.5mg arimidex daily its still high.

Information like this is invaluable both for myself in terms of health and in terms of helping me make educated changed and shows that under the right guidance there is no need to be unhealthy.

Weight was 208.5 – target 196-198

Cardio still 50 mins with 30 PM on fast days

Diet to change with 2500 and 2300 rest days so slight reduction here.  mainly from carbs (225 now) and protein down from 360 to 335gish)


t3 to 37.5mcg, t4 going to 100mcg based on feedback from blood work below

LETRO hurt pec so pulled and upped arimidex to 1mg daily – i put letro in to bring down estro quicker however due to my torn pec (only 10% left attached) i cant really utilise supplements that dry me out until the last couple of weeks.  Things like clenbuterol and other drugs are a No No full stop or kept for the last couple of weeks when i back off training.

OTC fat burner still x 2 per day

Today just 500g carbs plus clean feed tonight due to Krakow stag last week and races stag do next week im being more conservative with refeeds inbetween.  I ended up having a balti mixed grill, tomato garlic bread, chips and some gluten free granola lol.

Looking much leaner again and BF down.

Morning all.

We are now 8 weeks out from the PCA north east. My goal weight is 195-197lb which is the lightest I have been in a very long time for the classic class.

Pics attached are from last week and at 9 weeks out with a weight of 213lb.

Todays weight is 210.5lb and all 3 bodyfat measurements are down. I only monitor my problem/fatter areas – Abdominal, subscap and illiac crest currently.

Cardio is at 45 mins daily fasted bar leg day and on Thursday and Sundays I fast till 11-12 and do a second cardio session of 30 minutes. This is not changing this week.

Adjustments to diet is a reduction from 2800kcal down to 2700kcal and carbs from 275 to 250g. Protein is still high at 360-370g and fats low at sub 40g. This is the highest I have had my protein during prep and is working very well.

Fat burners are a little bit of thyroid support in the form of a t3/t4 mix and I am just using OTC fat burners that I have posted on my Instagram so check that out.

There is a change this week in my other supplement use that should see me drop a fair bit of water as certain products are switched out.

No pictures this week as im to lazy to de hair every week lol. I go to Krakow on stag do next Friday for 3 nights which is far from ideal but this is the reason I started prep 18 weeks out instead of 16 weeks as usual.

Check in will be next Friday but I will update this at 6 weeks out and check my Instagram HILLYDOC for continues updates from myself and clients.

Seriously though think about it. Is this you? Does this make sense and would you do this in any other walks of life? Lots of people getting done out there by people just regurgitating information from those of us with hard-earned degrees, certifications, years of studying and practising on ourselves and advising clients. Make sure your getting what your paying for not just uneducated guesswork