FOUR's high-intensity training program

This is simply a technique I have come up with that is built within a high-intensity training programme to try and maximise sarcoplasmic hypertrophy after we have maximised myofibrella hypertrophy. There are many approaches to achieve this but most require several bits of gym kit which is just impractical. I have come up with this over the past 12-18 months as a way of enhancing muscle growth to the very limits by not only focusing on one type of hypertrophy or the other but maximising both pathways without overtraining in a practical way on just one piece of kit. This approach focuses on all aspects of exercise-induced hypertrophy from mechanical tension, muscle damage and metabolic stress as well as increasing blood flow/cell swell some may call it to bring more nutrients to the muscle. Due to the way the 4’s technique is performed it also has an occlusion effect due to there being no rest between each of the 4 sets of 4 reps. If performed correctly this will really cause an agonising challenge set to finish off that exercise and annihilate the muscle without causing more stress on the tendons/ligaments and CNS.