How Much Does It Cost?

Nutrition & Training Plans

One off fee

Tailored one off nutrition and training programme

A one-off diet designed for you and tailored to your goals as well as a training program and cardio set up, one check in after 2 weeks into the diet. I then adjust the diet to suit your body and recommend changes going forward

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  • Entry date: Mon – Fri
  • Entry time: 8A.M – 8P.M
  • Nutrition Advicer: Yes

12 Week transformation package

transformation/athlete competition/photo shoot

Meal plan specifically designed and tailored for your needs to meet the end goal be it a Holiday/Wedding/photo shoot or work on improving sports performance through nutrition as well as improving general nutritional knowledge and your physique. It includes a meal Plan designed specifically for your goal, suitable training programme, cardio and supplement regime as well as check ins every 2 weeks

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  • Suitable Training Programme
  • Weekly Adjustments
  • Cardio and supplement regime

Contest Prep/Sport competition

Contest prep from 16-20 weeks available

includes full contest prep requirements including tailored meal plan, suitable training programme if needed, cardio regime and contest supplement plan into the show and post-show advice/plan. Peak week and up to daily check ins if needed for the 4 weeks into the show/competition as well as weekly check ins from the start.
Physiological tactics/methods to overcome tough periods through hard dieting/sporting phases when pushing to the extremes.

from £350 to £450
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  • Suitable Training Programme
  • Weekly Adjustments
  • Cardio and supplement regime