How Much Does It Cost?

Nutrition & Training Plans

One off fee

Tailored one off nutrition and training programme

A one-off diet designed for you and tailored to your goals and a training program and cardio set up, one check-in after 2 weeks into the diet. I then adjust the diet to suit your body and recommend changes in the future.

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  • Entry date: Mon – Fri
  • Entry time: 8A.M – 8P.M
  • Nutrition Advice: Yes

per month

In-depth Monthly Coaching

Individually tailored meal plan to your goals and needs - These can be specific for people with ongoing digestive issues (IBS/Constipation/SIBO etc.), Health issues (diabetes etc.) as we as Fitness focused clients/athletes that are wanting more of an in-depth guide which includes weekly check-ins were we monitor all aspects closely from performance, biofeedback, digestion, sleep and day to day feel to maximise performance and not just read our goals but surpass them.
weekly check-ins with contact as often as needed via email
suitable training program - adapted the plan adapts to maximise results
a cardio regime that is adjusted as needed
supplement guidance and recommendation
digestion and health-focused monitoring

  • *£250 for 2 months then £120
  • Nutrition Advice: Yes

12 Week transformation package

transformation/athlete competition/photo shoot

Meal plan specifically designed and tailored for your needs to meet the end goal, be it a Holiday/Wedding or work on improving sports performance through nutrition and improving general nutritional knowledge and your physique. It includes a meal plan designed specifically for your goal, a suitable training programme, cardio and supplement regime, as well as check-ins every 2 weeks.

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  • Suitable Training Programme
  • Weekly Adjustments
  • Cardio and supplement regime

Contest Prep/Sport competition

Contest prep from 16-20 weeks available

includes full contest prep requirements including tailored meal plan, suitable training programme if needed, cardio regime and contest supplement plan into the show and post-show advice/plan. Peak week and up to daily check ins if needed for the 4 weeks into the show/competition as well as weekly check ins from the start.
Physiological tactics/methods to overcome tough periods through hard dieting/sporting phases when pushing to the extremes.

To be discussed
  • Suitable Training Programme
  • Weekly Adjustments
  • Cardio and supplement regime