Toni Journey so far and onward to stepping on stage.

It takes time, perseverance and consistency to find out what works with your body and what doesn’t. Whatever your goal maybe, whether it’s to be summer holiday ready, the desire to compete or even just to loose a little weight, I know my trust would be right here with Peter. 
I’m not the perfect client to say the least, I fail I get back up and I try again. (Several times) 🙈 I know I’m probably a headache at times, but guaranteed peter is there ready with solutions and wise words that instantly click the motivation right back there again.
It’s 2018 and the idea of working towards getting up on that stage is set well in my mind once again, there isn’t anybody else a would want to guide me there! so here goes! Peter it’s game face on!! 
‘ the one who falls and gets back up, is always stronger than the one who never fell’

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